HP Smart Card CCID - Tastatur - USB - Norsk - sølv, karbonitt - CTO

HP Smart Card CCID - Tastatur - USB - Norsk - sølv, karbonitt - CTO C4L11AV#ABN
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Forventet inn: 08.11.21
  • Protects against unauthorized access with smartcard technology
  • Delivers even greater security
  • Secures online transactions using digital signatures and certificates
  • Conforms to industry standards for ease of setup and use
  • Delivers long product life and quiet operation with high-impact materials and lubricated keys
  • Spill drain feature
Boost your security, simplify access procedures and reduce the costs associated with managing networks by preventing unauthorized access to your computers and networks using smartcard technology with the HP Smart Card CCID Keyboard.

The HP Smart Card CCID Keyboard includes Circuit(s) Cards Interface Device (CCID), the standard for smartcard keyboards. It is an approach to smartcard reader communication, a standard communication protocol for smart card readers/keyboards that connect to a computer via USB with the computer.

The USB Smart Card CCID Keyboard is a full-sized keyboard that takes advantage of digital signatures and certificates to secure the environment for transactions performed on both public and private networks. Smart cards are easy-to-use credit card-sized devices which require multiple forms of information to be validated before you gain access to your accounts or resources.


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