Broadcom P411W-32P - Diskkontroller - NVMe lav profil - PCIe 4.0 x16

Broadcom P411W-32P - Diskkontroller - NVMe lav profil - PCIe 4.0 x16 05-50054-00
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Forventet inn: 16.03.21
ProdusentBrocade Communications Systems
  • X16 PCIe Gen 4 Host Interconnect
  • Up to 8 x4, 16 x2, or 32 x1 NVMe SSD connect
  • SRIS and REFCLK support
  • SFF-9402 compliant connector pinout
  • Downstream port containment
  • Read tracking
  • Surprise Add and Remove
  • Synthetic Hierarchy generation
  • FRU Inventory support
  • Hardware Secure Boot
  • LED Management
The Broadcom P411W-32P is the industry's first fully managed Gen 4 NVMe switch adapter, providing enterprise class options for NVMe solid state drive (SSD) attach requirements. The P411W-32P leverages Broadcom's world-class board design, PEX88048 PCIe Gen 4 switch chip, and solid firmware expertise, to provide advanced features not available using traditional NVMe drive attach methods. Similar to Broadcom HBAs, the P411W-32P adapter is supplied with fully validated and supported firmware and standards based out of band manageability features. The P411W-32P switch adapter delivers several innovative features, including true surprise add and removal, Downstream Port Containment and Read Tracking, which can help the users avoid typical situations that could cause a kernel panic. The integrated management processor delivers added features, such as SES compatible LED control and BMC support.


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